At Callejera Stand and Garage, we provide a wide array of both domestic and foreign craft beers to each customers liking within one loaded fridge. The selection of our brews are constantly changing with new and fresh products to satisfy your needs.
Our staff are well informed with details of each product so we are always happy to help you choose what to drink. Taking out beers to go is also possible, so swing by for a quick pitstop. Cheers!


Callejera Stand and Garageでは、お客様のお好みに合わせて国内外のクラフトビールを豊富に取り揃えた冷蔵庫をご用意しております。お客様のニーズを満たすために、私たちのビールのセレクションは常に新しく新鮮な製品に変わります。